Project Control

Scope of work

    • Project Control Department (PCD) generates monthly reports for projects cost status and financial performance against budget, through a common database of budget, expense to-date and forecast Cost. These reports are reviewed and approved by Finance and Accounting Department. 

    • Carries out, for each individual Project, a Project Forecast Review, based on estimation of quantities, time and related expenditures necessary to complete the work, and establish a Forecast Final Value that will remain unchanged until after the next Project Forecast Review.

    • Monitors and reviews all aspects of all functions on projects to ensure that the quality of the cost engineering and contract administration effort is in accordance with the established company procedures and expectations. 

    • Supervises senior personnel and project teams in the preparation and presentation of cost and forecasts and any other special project performance / status reviews as required.

    • Works with assigned operations management to prepare consolidated reports and address any specific problems or concerns related to individual projects and / or PCD staff functions.

    • Works with Executive Manager to coordinate workload and staffing requirements.

    • Provides direct input to subcontractors’ comparison sheets and subcontract negotiations.

    • Checks Material Requisition Quantities and Value against Project Budget; White Book(electronic)

    • Checks Projects Manpower (company Labor and Subcontractor) Daily Reports Received from Projects.