Information Technology

Information is the soul of any modern-day business. Companies succeed and falter based on the reliability, availability, and security of their data.

Information Technology has many core components which often follow how an IT department is structured and how the information is controlled, accessed and used. These components include Hardware, Software, Networking & Communications Infrastructure, Business Intelligence & Reporting, Support, Planning, and Security.

The Information Technology Department shall manage and maintain an integrated network of computer resources in order to provide data and information processing services to Head Office and the remote sites. 

The I.T. Department has been assigned the responsibility of planning for and acquiring all computer systems, software and related equipment or services necessary to carry out the business. The I.T. Department will review and approve the purchase, lease or use of all computer systems, components, software or related equipment or services.

Computers, software and related equipment used by any department/site become assets of the I.T. Department and are maintained as part of the I.T. Department inventory. The I.T. Department will track the licensing of software for all departments and ensure that software is used in compliance with all applicable licensing agreements and laws.

The I.T. Department is responsible for properly installing all computer systems, software or equipment acquired and ensuring compliance with all departments/sites policies and vendor instructions concerning the equipment and its installation.