Human Resources

The goal of Kharafi Construction's Human Resources Department  (HR) is to advance the overall mission of the company through the acquisition, retention, and support of qualified, skilled and competent staff. HR achieves its objectives by recruiting, employing, retaining, and developing staff and by maximizing excellent employee relations and excellent personal and group performance through internal consulting, problem resolution, and the provision of efficient, cost-effective, customer-responsive human resource services.

At Kharafi Construction planning for human resource processes takes both a near-term and a long-term view. Human resource processes are visualized which can adequately support the company both now and in three to five years. An attitude of flexibility and innovation is adopted in order to support present needs and respond to new requirements or new opportunities in the future.

Kharafi Construction’s human resource function is mobile and interacts with people where they work, and makes as many services as possible available without regard to time of day. Whenever possible, customers are not obliged to come to the human resources office for assistance. The human resource processes are managed in the expectation that human resource staff will get out and network with their customers and stakeholders.

We are committed to working strategically with the diverse Kharafi Construction community in identifying and responding to its changing needs. We provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, and equitable administration of policies and procedures, thus fostering a positive work environment.

Strategic Directions

  • To promote and support recruiting strategies and collaborate with departments, projects and customers to create a high performing, diverse workforce. 
  • To respond to the needs of the company and its customers in a helpful, supportive, and pro-active manner and provide "quality" services on which can be relied upon.
  • To respond appropriately, creatively, effectively and timely with policy and procedure changes.
  • To develop staff excellence through training and consultation for employees that encourages growth and opportunity and fosters good, open communication and an overall positive work environment for all employees.
  • To equitably and fairly administer company policies, procedures, and benefits.

The Department is a resource for Kharafi Construction and its customers and is recognized as a dynamic team of knowledgeable professionals who impact and promote equity and fair human relations throughout the organization. The Department is a customer-service organization responsive to the changing needs and expectations of the community it serves.