AL-Kharafi Construction Co. (KCC), is a rising construction contractor active in the growing markets. The company provides Engineering and Construction services on projects varying in size and complexity for public and private customers. 

KCC is based in the State of Kuwait and provides Engineering, construction and procurement services for industrial, offices and commercial and industrial complexes, high-rise buildings, hospitals and infrastructure projects.

KCC realizes that quality service is paramount to its success and to the satisfaction and thriving to exceeding expectations of its customers, and therefore it is committed to providing its services with the highest regards to quality.

KCC's main objective is to ensure that its quality of service meets the full satisfaction and the expectations of its customers and where possible, exceeds their expectations. To meet these requirements, KCC maintains a very high level of technical capability necessary to perform its construction activities.

Our employees are professionals, fully experienced and adequately trained in all aspects of their job function. KCC departments and project offices establish Quality objectives that are being reviewed during management review meetings.

Our Quality Assurance philosophy and policy requires our employees to be aware of and actively contribute to the Quality Assurance Systems, continually seeking improvements of the effectiveness of KCC Quality Management System so that all the services have the inherent quality and reliability to perform to the customers' satisfaction, and it is conducted at the most economical cost consistent with this philosophy.