The main role of the Technical Department office is to focus on all the engineering tasks, solving technical problems/issues related to the construction processes and extends to maintain a continuous smooth progress of projects by a high qualified well trained technical team of structural, architectural engineers and draftsmen using advanced computer programs, software and drafting equipment’s' (Computers, plotters, printers ...etc.) and not limited to the following tasks:

  • Preparations and Drafting of the shop Drawings/As built Documentation.
  • Structural Design verification and calculation analysis, detecting design errors or conflicts in contract documents and reports.
  • Coordination between different trades/disciplines,
    1. MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing), finishing works, landscape, conveying systems ... etc.
  • Sub - contractors follow up, monitoring and review their engineering works.
  • Solving technical problems/issues.
  • Design for temporary facilities and site logistics,
    1. Tower cranes, Hoists, form works, fences, gates, guard houses, stores, sign boards and other Construction Machinery (Pumps, Temporary water system, drainage and power supply) .
  • Attending technical and progress meetings with client, consultant and construction manager.
  • Technical team are also involved in,
    1. Testing regimes.
    2. Progress vs. programme and the causes of any delays.
    3. Repair and remedial works
    4. Samples and mock -ups.
    5. Quality issues.
    6. Weather reports.
    7. Issues that may impact on costs.
    8. Health and safety issues.
    9. Issues with neighbors (such as noise, dust, vibrations, rights of light, access, safety etc.).
    10. Off-site fabrication.
    11. Design issues.
  • Cooperating with and supporting other sections/departments in the company,
    1. Supporting quality assurance and quality control section.
    2. Administration and quantity survey sections.
    3. Material approval, sub - contractor approval and procurement..
    4. Equipment department.
    5. Land surveying team.